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    welcome to
    iZugar Studio
    Immersive 360 Video Production
    Interactive Virtual Walkthrough
    Life-Size VR Simulation
    Stereoscopic 3D, VR HMD ready
    and much more!
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    iZugar Studio
    We are enthusiastic VR developers devoted
    to enhance the user experience of VR to the
    next level.

    Other than employing the latest gesture control
    for more interactive experience, we also research for
    the next generation of super mini fisheye lenses,
    360 video making can now be more streamlined
    and a lot easier for real time live 360.
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    iZugar Studio
    See the world in a whole new perspective.
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    iZugar Studio
    Riding on the latest VR technology
    to bring the most realistic
    virtual world to your audience.

Embrace the new era of VR revolution with iZugar!

We are enthusiastic VR developers devoted to enhance the user experience of virtual reality to the next level.

iZugar provide professional 360 video services that capture your precious moments with high fidelity surrounding atmosphere. Readers shall able to re-visit the scene as if they were being there. We provide care free one-stop solution for all your VR 360 needs, from planning, production to deployment.

We also reinforce the Virtual Reality revolution with our best optics for 360 camera systems. We has redefined the VR360 user experience with the revolutionary Super Fish Eye Lens with 220 degree fov, which can take full spherical image with just 2 lenses, and we are reshaping the future of VR communications with the Zphereo liveVR System.

Found in 2012, iZugar have a highly motivated & talented team expertise in Virtual Reality & photography. We believe our rich experience and positive attitude are the integral in the success of the business. iZugar a sponsorship member of the International VR Photography Association.

The arsenal for making better 360

Take a browse at our many products below

The 360 systems for every needs

The super charged Optics

We love making 360 video, but there have been too many limitations and the work flow is over complicated. So, we work with some top optics labs to raise these physical limits and empower 360 makers with more freedom to shoot their next master pieces. Get ready to embrace the new era of VR with our added arsenal!



Premium 225 Fisheye lens

Tribute to the legendary Nikon 6mm f/2.8 fisheye lens that have fov at 220 degree. We give this type of super lens a new meaning in the recent VR revolution. Full spherical 360 can now be made with just 2 camera.


Tiny affordable 220 fisheye lens

We tried copying every beauty of it's bigger brother and make it more accessible to everyone. It shall simplify 360 video making and empower IPcams to evolute as the input device for live 360VR.


185 fisheye lens redefined

Being frustrated with the quality of the mini affordable fisheye lenses, we create our own one that can rival fisheye video made with DSLR.

Zphereo 360 video mounting system

The Zphereo series is a modular mounting system for our lenses on modified action cameras. Users can decide which mount is best suit for their task, with the right balnce between stitching quality & output resolution. They can switch to take 3D360 as few as 4-6 camera.

We provide comprehensive
VR360 Services

Immersive Video

Let's see the world in a whole new perspective! By capturing everything in the scene, audience can teleport to the virtual spot with surrounding video showing at every angles. They can turn their heads to look around as if they were actually there.

Virtual Explorer

Users can walk freely inside the web based photo realistic virtual environment, and they can interact like playing games for more content such as video, animation and images, offering more personalized experience than the Google Streetview.

VR Simulator

Want to bring a group of audience into a virtual world? No problem! Our Life-size simulator can display our immersive content on a surrounding curved screen upto 360 degree, really a holodeck for your events.

VR Shop

Upgrade your online shop with a real shopping experience! We can bring your real shop online. Customer can have a virtual walk in your shop anytime anywhere, they can even "pick up" your display items for close checking with the rotating 3D files.

Gesture Control

Feel the virtual world with your body! Maximize your client's enjoyment to your immersive content. By controlling the inter-activities with body movement & voice control, it's far more natural than using a mouse or keyboard when you were immersed.

Mobile App & HMD

We can pack your interactive content into a mobile app so users can enjoy the content more freely. With the availability of Oculus Rift & VR HMD adapters for smartphones, users can even enjoy our 360 content in stereo 3D, one more major step to reality.

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